Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What Will Be Said At Your Funeral??

Recently, I attended a funeral in the Dallas area for Clint Dobson, a pastor who was tragically murdered at his church. I've never personally known someone who was murdered, and it's unthinkable to imagine something so horrendous happening to anyone you know. Because of the nature of Clint's death, I was unsure of what to expect at his funeral. Could God be glorified after such a tragic end to the life of one of His servants? After attending that funeral, I can answer a resounding yes to that question.

At the funeral, there was testimony after testimony given of the quality of Clint's life on earth. Many things were said, but the same message pervaded the entire service...Clint lived His life wholeheartedly for the Lord. Above all else, He loved the Lord with all of his heart, mind, and strength. He loved to preach, to study God's Word, to debate theology, and to minister to other people. He also dearly loved his sweet wife Laura and was fully committed to her and their marriage. What an amazing legacy to leave.

If I were to die today, the things said about Clint are exactly the things I would want to be said about me. I would love to be able to leave this earth fully confident that I had lived my life for the Lord alone....that I had loved Him above all else, that I had loved His Word, that I had passionately ministered to others, and that I had loved my husband unconditionally. Clint's funeral really inspired me to reevaluate how I am living my life and seriously consider what would be said about me if I were to die today. I want to encourage you to consider the same question. If something were to happen to you, and you were taken from this earth today, what would people say about you at your funeral? What would your obituary or your tombstone read? Could people honestly come forward and state that you lived a life of fierce devotion to the Lord above all else?

Check out this news clip about Clint's funeral service: